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Triple Home Care Community Events
Long term service users 60th Birthday party and still with ourselves
Christmas party with the staff
Baby shower
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Service user on social call
Service user on social outing
Charity event

Community events, charity and just getting out there...

At Triple Home Care we pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community and we always encourage this with our carers and our service users! Not only do we provide an outstanding service for service users in need of care in their own homes, but we also like to give something back to our wonderful clients.

We have been known to have tea parties, arrange and support birthday parties and help raised money for very successful charity days, this is inclusive of clients who wanted to be involved, baby showers and so much more!!

Also, at Christmas time, for those who enjoy a little bit of socializing and getting to know other clients, we have been known to hold Christmas dinner for the clients in pubs locally, you see, Christmas parties are not just for the staff!

We know how isolating it can be for service users to be in their own homes all day, so ensuring that clients are mentally stimulated is also a part of joining our service!

Here you will be able to see lots of photos of our services users and events we hold!

We believe this is vital to keeping our team in touch with the community and each other, we are always eager to join community activities or to go the extra step to make a day special for one of our valued service users. 

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